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Business is no longer bound by time or distance.  Your customers demand more and more from you, and they expect your best around the clock and around the world.

Build Smart With BackOffice
Microsoft BackOffice Server 4.0 is the complete, integrated server suite, optimized for Windows NT Server, that makes it easy to develop, deploy, and manage powerful intranet and line-of-business applications.

The BackOffice Server 4.0 server suite and Client Access License provide the simplest, most cost-effective way to purchase and use the entire BackOffice family of products.

  • Everything you need to run your mission-critical business.
  • Integrated for building both Intranet and Internet business applications.
  • One infrastructure, one management model, and one development environment.
  • BackOffice integrates easily with Windows NT Server, the desktop, exisiting legacy systems, and the Internet.
  • BackOffice supports a wide-range of industry standards including existing (Win32, OLE, OLE-DB, ODBC, SQL, MAPI, SNA, SNMP, DMI, IPX/SPX, and others) as well as the new Internet standards (HTML, HTTP, TCP/IP, ActiveX, SMTP, ISAPI, LDAP, X.509, SSL, Java, VBScript, CGI, NNTP, POP3), and others.
  • BackOffice has the widest range of 3rd-party applications/solutions.
  • Microsoft offers a Single Source of Mission Critical Support: 24-hour-per day, 7-day-per week.
BackOffice continues to be the best value for intranet/Internet solutions. According to a recent pricing comparison by Microsoft and validated by Deloitte and Touche, the Microsoft BackOffice family is the best value for an Internet or intranet solution. Microsoft BackOffice delivers an integrated collection of comprehensive server solutions that use a consistent directory structure that ease the setup of administration models, use the same programming methods, and are managed with the same tools. On average, Microsoft BackOffice costs 52 percent less than Netscape SuiteSpot for 10 users, 61 percent less for 100 users, and 49 percent less for 1,000 users. For more information about the Microsoft BackOffice family, please see the Web site located at www.microsoft.com/backofficeserver.

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