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Pretty simple really, at Shoreline Data Systems, our business is to focus on your business.  We want to provide you with smart, long term solutions using technology that makes sense, not just the technology that's hot for the moment.  We want to be with you for the long haul as long term partners in a relationship that benefits all involved.

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The gap between your needs and the technical world can be huge.  We pride ourselves on having a staff that has a unique combination of both industry leading technical abilities and great people skills.  These skills allow us to bridge the gap and provide you with the best solutions possible.  Technical skill, without the ability to translate your business needs into a technical product, will leave you with a solution that falls short.

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jrs.gif (1498 bytes) Director of Technology Integration

John has been helping people integrate technology into their lives and businesses for over 13 years.  He has a special knack for bringing people and technology together.

He has also been developing, designing and implementing custom software solutions for the same 13 years.  He has worked as a Senior Software Engineer for the Microsoft Corporation and served as the Associate Vice President of Development for a national software company. John has developed solutions for the United States Air Force, BMW Manufacturing Corporation, USA, Ingersoll-Rand and many other local and national companies.

dwr.gif (1500 bytes) Director of Systems Development

Dean has been developing custom and commercial applications for businesses for over 14 years. His specialty is database application design and implementation. In his 14 years of database development he has worked with the most popular database software on the market including Dbase, Foxpro, Clipper, Access and MS SQL Server.

He has worked as a Systems Engineer for the computer division of the Tandy Corporation, and was the Lead Design Engineer for one of the top not for profit software companies in the nation.

Dean has developed solutions for GTE, the North American Division of Phillips, First Union and many other local and national companies.

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