Customer Assets
Business 101 will teach you the basic principle of customer satisfaction.  Keep your customers happy, and your business will do well.  As basic as this principle is, many businesses these days prefer to make the quick buck and customer satisfaction is secondary or not part of their plan at all.  At Shoreline Data Systems we not only understand this principle, it's the cornerstone of our business philosophy.  Our customers are truely our most valued asset.

We want to provide you with smart long term solutions, and establish long term partnerships with each and every customer. In the end, we all win.

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Partners in Success

Customer Solution
BMW Manufacturing, USA
Greer, SC
Resume Processing System
Power Logic, Inc
Charlotte, NC
Customer Contact and Invoicing System
United States Postal Service
Raleigh, NC
SMB Berverage Systems, LLC
Atlanta, GA
Integrated Customer Contact, Sales Quoting and Inventory Management
Employee Benefit Services, Inc
Charlotte, NC
Maintenance of Multiple Day to Day Line of Business Products
Smith Enterprises, Inc.
Rock Hill, SC
Manufacturing Process Quality Control
Penland School of Crafts
Penland, NC
Registration System
Trinity Partners Hardware Technology Consulting

* If you would like to contact one of the customers listed above, please email us at and we'll put you in contact with them.